Fiesta Flamenca December 4th, 19th and New Years Eve. 7 PM. Flamenco Show.


Fiesta Flamenca

Enjoy Fiesta Flamenca for  a special evening of live Flamenco performance and unique cuisine at Ibiza Tapas! Don’t miss this dynamic cast of dancer and talent musicians. Experience the dazzling footwork, sensual lyricism and intricate rhythms in an intimate tablao (cafe-style) setting.

You can purchase tickets online or at the restaurant.

Contact us at or 203-616-5731 with any questions.

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$20 pp – Cover Fee 

Date: Saturday March 14th

Time: 8 PM


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We also sell tickets at the restaurant. 

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Rachel Homes

Rachel Holmes began her dance journey at the age of three with ballet and tap classes in northern New Jersey. As an adult, she began training in flamenco under the guidance of Melinda Marquez Flamenco Dance Center (MMFDC) in Connecticut. She has continued to develop her training under Nelida Tirado, Mercedes Ruiz, Patricia Guerrero, Carmen Ledesma, Carmela Greco, Irene Rodriguez, and Xianix Barrera, recently forming part of the Xianix Barrera Flamenco Dance Company (XBF).

 In 2019, Rachel was selected to perform in the Jacob's Pillow International Flamenco and Spanish Dance Program in Becket, Massachusetts. Rachel has taught flamenco dance at MMFDC and can be seen performing regularly at tablaos and special events in Connecticut with Yohanna Escamilla, and in New York with singer/guitarist Cristian Puig and XBF. When not dancing, Rachel leads The Nature Conservancy's urban forestry efforts nationally, and serves as a Connecticut wildland firefighter on national wildfire mobilizations.


Marilia Quevedo

Born in  Buenos Aires, Argentina,  Marilia began classical dance studies at nine years old.

After studying many dance disciplines, she became certified as a teacher of classical dance at the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón (ISA) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At age twenty seven, Marilia was introduced to all the complexities of flamenco culture and art by two flamenco greats: Juan El Camas and Concha Vargas. 

Inspired by their teachings, she spent many years traveling back and forth between Spain and Argentina to study with flamenco masters in Madrid, Seville, and Jerez. After resettling in Argentina, Marilia enjoyed over fifteen years of steady performances in the most prestigious tablaos and theaters of Buenos Aires, until her move to the United States. Marilia currently lives in New York City,  where she performs regularly in restaurants, tablaos, and theaters.


Cristian Puig

Cristian Puig was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Son of Gloria Monreal, Flamenco singer and Pablo Puig, Flamenco guitarrist. When he was 19 years old, Cristian began his studies in classical guitar at the conservatory of Manuel de Falla as well as flamenco guitar with his father. Soon he took classes in flamenco guitar with Quique de Cordoba and furthered his studies in jazz, bosa nova and contemporary music with various teachers. He has been self-taught ever since, using his musical influences and inspirations as his guide. His strongest inspirations include his parents Gloria and Pablo, Paco de Lucia, Juan M. Canizares, Sabicas, Gerardo Núñez, Astor Piazzola, Dino Saluzzi, C.F. Gomez, Egberto Gismonti, Hermeto Pascual, Chick Corea, John Mclaughlin and John Coltrane. From 1985 to 2000 Cristian has been integrated into various groups and flamenco companies performing in various tablaos, restaurants, cultural centers and theaters. 

In 1990 he formed the flamenco fusion group Rabat. Rabat appeared in various theaters and venues in Argentina and later went on to travel to various countries in South America including Uruguay, Brazil and Chile. Looking to fuse jazz and bossa nova with flamenco, Cristian integrated instruments such as the piano, electric guitar and saxophone, experimenting with his original compositions. In 1993 Gloria Monreal joined Rabat as a flamenco singer and Cristian worked and learned from her for the following 12 years. Gloria has shared the stage with several artists including Los Pericet, Orlando Romero, Maria Amaya, Antonio Maya, La China, Mario Escudero, Esteban de Sanlucar, Salinas, El Morito and Pepe Alonso. In 1996 Cristian joined Chango Farias Gomez and worked throughout Argentina for 3 years. Cristian can be heard on "Chango Farías Gomez y la Manija" CD, recorded in the Astral Theater in 1995. Cristian dissolved the group Rabat in 1997 to dedicate himself to work as a soloist but still collaborating with other local and foreign musicians, fusing bossa nova, jazz and Argentine tango.